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Carly and her two Angels doing a really bad 'Angels' impression... ;)

This is a great example of women of different ages, wearing skirt thing for different reasons. 

Style C-FLIRTY in black mesh (left) makes the animal print dress longer... for those who want to add length to their dresses.  It also adds a little extra control around the waist area.

Style FLIRTY in black lace (middle) is worn as a skirt with an animal print top for a classic look.

Style FUN in animal print (right) is a mini-skirt and perfect for those young or hot & confident enough to pull it off!

What would you like to see?

Hi ladies,

I'd love to get your feedback about skirt thing, other products you might like to see offered and whatever else floats your boat!  Please send me your thoughts.  Would appreciate your input as my customers have brilliant feedback which helps me get you what you want! 

Thank you lovelies!


Dragons' Den

Well... I got the short segment on CBC's Dragons' Den!  They had fun with it.  Women in short skirts... what can I say!  :) 

What you didn't see was that the actual pitch was about 20 minutes.  It went very well and was totally positive.  I had intelligent discussion and feedback from all Dragons and Jim Treliving loved skirt thing and considered making me an offer.  I didn't get a deal in the end but walked out with respect from all five Dragons.  A great experience and incentive to be successful so they can do a follow up story on skirt thing's success!

Video demo

I want to thank Paul Gowan of Cosmo Post in Toronto for editing my skirt thing video demo.  You did an amazing job!

Many thanks Paul!


SKIRT THING moved to a new SHOWROOM!

We are pleased to announce that skirt thing has moved to a showroom as of Monday August 25th!

Thank you to Barry McCaffrey Fashions and his two wonderful sales ladies Summer March and Kristina Talidas for making it happen!


skirt thing pitched on Canada's Dragons' Den!

I pitched skirt thing on Monday April 14, 2014 to all five Dragons on Canada's Dragons' Den and I survived the fire in the den!  I contractually cannot reveal whether I struck a deal or not but I can tell you that is was the most exciting, positive experience ever...  I only had two days to prepare and I was out of the country so had to fly in.  What a whirlwind. 

Thank you, thank you to the Producers of Dragons' Den at CBC for selecting skirt thing to be a part of your amazing show!  You were awesome.  Love those Dragons!  ;) 

For our friends south of the border, Dragons' Den is our version of Shark Tank.

skirt thing

it's simply a skirt or
a dress extension
or sometimes a little dress!

go to great lengths
in fashion & in life...

skirt thing

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