skirt thing

Well... I got the short segment on CBC's Dragons' Den!  They had fun with it.  Women in short skirts... what can I say!  :) 

What you didn't see was that the actual pitch was about 20 minutes.  It went very well and was totally positive.  I had intelligent discussion and feedback from all Dragons and Jim Treliving loved skirt thing and considered making me an offer.  I didn't get a deal in the end but walked out with respect from all five Dragons.  A great experience and incentive to be successful so they can do a follow up story on skirt thing's success!

Written by Carly McKinlay — November 08, 2014

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skirt thing

it's simply a skirt or
a dress extension
or sometimes a little dress!

go to great lengths
in fashion & in life...

skirt thing

have you got it?