skirt thing

Carly McKinlay can attest to skirt thing’s slogan, go to great lengths as that is exactly what she did to embark on a venture in a totally foreign industry to her.  Other than loving clothing, Carly had zero experience in the fashion manufacturing industry.  But her background did involve producing, not only corporate television but also live corporate entertainment.  Carly thought that given her producing skills, she should be able to produce a few skirts!   When she couldn’t shake the burning desire to solve this clothing issue for women, she just ran with it and produced the perfect new staple for women!

There was a learning curve but the entire process was exciting and fun, yet challenging at times.  But Carly wouldn’t have had it any other way.  The rewards for making her dream come true, outweighed any adversity she encountered.

Carly encourages every person to go to great lengths in all aspects of their life.

Therefore skirt thing’s brand mission is to create a positive, motivational experience for everyone... in every garment that we make and in everything that we do.  We quite literally want you to… go to great lengths!

The slogan is meant to inspire women to go to great lengths in fashion and in life so we have included an inspirational poem bookmark with each skirt.  Carly has 8 of these poems that people can collect as they collect different skirt thing styles. 


the skirt thing name

We get asked all the time how Carly came up with the skirt thing name.  All kinds of funky skirt-type names came to her in the middle of the night but she couldn’t remember any of them by morning.  In frustration, she said to herself, What are you going to call the ‘skirt thing’.  The name just stuck and seemed like the perfect fit!


skirt thing

it's simply a skirt or
a dress extension
or sometimes a little dress!

go to great lengths
in fashion & in life...

skirt thing

have you got it?