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skirt thing – go to great lengthsPOETRY CONTEST

Carly wanted skirt thing to be more than just solving your clothing issues.  skirt thing is an empowering brand that encourages you to go to great lengths in fashion and in your life. 

Beauty is not just about our outward appearance.  There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman who is on purpose; with confidence and the inner drive to achieve all that she desires in her life. skirt thing inspires you to go to great lengths in your efforts to embrace your inner power and release it in all its magnificence!  You will not only benefit yourself but also everyone whom you touch.  They will want to be around a skirt thing woman:  the lady who will go to great lengths to achieve her dreams! 

Therefore, to help inspire you to achieve your purpose, each garment comes with a motivational poem bookmark, written by Carly.  Read it whenever you need a jolt of inspiration! 

And... you could have your poem printed on our website!


Share your poems with us and we may pick yours to feature on our website!

Simply email us your poem and we will select five winning poems.  Email your poem to:


Poems must:

  • Be motivational in nature, upbeat, fun and inspiring.  See 'go to great lengths' poem example below.
  • Have no more than 16 lines (ideally 4 verses with 4 lines each verse) or the poem will be rejected.

Contest rules:

  • If you are one of the 5 winners, your poem will be featured on our website on a future date.
  • In addition to having your poem published on our website, you will receive a $ 25 skirt thing gift certificate which you can give as a gift or use for yourself toward the purchase of any skirt on-line.  (This offer does not apply to thongs or t-shirts at this time).
  • The gift certificate is good on skirts only and the purchase must be a minimum of $ 25 and cannot be used toward tax and/or shipping costs.
  • The gift certificate has no cash value.  (No cash will be exchanged for the gift certificate.)
  • You maintain the copyright to your poem but skirt thing inc. reserves the right to feature it on our website for an indefinite period of time.
  • You will be asked to sign a waiver agreeing to skirt thing’s use of your poem on our website for an indefinite period of time.
  • Your name will be printed below your poem.
  • By entering the contest, you relinquish skirt thing inc. from any damages that may occur by any outside party that may reprint or misuse your poem in any way as you hold the copyright to it.


go to great lengths

When you want to be strong

But just don’t know how

Get skirt thing on

Be proud, take a bow


Look within yourself

Stand tall like a tower

You’ll sudden realize

You’ve always had the power


Whether senior or teen

Big, medium or small

You have the skirt thing

So give it your all!


Band together to create

A universal strength

You’ll see your power

When you go to great lengths


© 2013 Carly McKinlay











skirt thing

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go to great lengths
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