skirt thing


skirt thing founder Carly McKinlay was dressing to attend a party when she realized her dress was too short for many reasons.  In a pinch, she slipped a ruffled skirt under the dress, exposing only the ruffles below the dress line and poof, problem solved!

That light bulb moment lead to creating the first patented, multipurpose skirt on the market, creating the perfect new staple!  Is it an undergarment or a skirt?  It is both!  skirt thing solves many of your wardrobe issues in one!  From a fun skirt to extending your dress, skirt thing’s simple, yet innovative designs create a flexible, stylish and sexy addition to your closet!  It's really a sexy, modern twist on the traditional petticoat!

Its seamless shape-wear comfort, gives you a slim and sleek look when worn as a skirt and also when worn under a top or dress as an extension.  And the fashionable choices of fabric prints and colours for the bands or ruffles, add a chic statement to your wardrobe.  You can also turn skirt thing into a little mini-dress!

go to great lengths™ in fashion and in life... flexible, stylish, sexy... skirt thing. PATENTED.










Carly McKinlay

President & Founder

skirt thing inc.


skirt thing

it's simply a skirt or
a dress extension
or sometimes a little dress!

go to great lengths
in fashion & in life...

skirt thing

have you got it?