skirt thing

  • First patent-pending multi-purpose skirt on the market:  wear it as a skirt or wear it as a dress extension
  • Can also be worn as a little strapless dress
  • skirt thing is a sexy modern twist on the traditional petticoat but is also just a regular skirt!
  • Seamless shape wear comfort – skirt fabric is doubled so it is not see-through so you can wear it as a skirt
  • No waistband on any style so it stays smooth under a dress or top
  • Versatile in that you can slide it up or down on your body to a length that you want or fold over the waist band area to shorten it to a preferred length
  • Some styles have soft-compression waist area
  • Some styles have high-compression waist area
  • 14 different all-season fabric finishes for ruffles and bands offer something for everyone
  • Three convenient sizes: S/M, M/L, L/XL
  • Two different lengths: mini and classic knee which can be even more flexible with the ability to slide it into your desired position on your body
  • Skirts are so soft and comfortable that you don’t feel like you are wearing anything at all!
  • One skirt style can enhance many clothing pieces in an existing wardrobe, giving the wearer a versatile staple and the feeling that they have a new and exciting wardrobe!
  • Exceptional quality in look and feel… once you put skirt thing on, you won’t want to take it off!
  • Some styles are made out of fabric and have one seam down either side but maintain the same features and wear ability as the seamless skirts
  • Motivational book mark poem (written by Carly McKinlay) included with each skirt
  • Can be daytime casual, practical for work or dressy for evening and perfect for a sun holiday!
  • Great for travel:  roll it up and tuck it in your suitcase
  • Demographic is for 20 – 60 years old and beyond!
  • Made in Canada



skirt thing

it's simply a skirt or
a dress extension
or sometimes a little dress!

go to great lengths
in fashion & in life...

skirt thing

have you got it?