skirt thing

My most favourite piece of clothing, hands down is skirt thing!  I own several different versions, from flirty to straight trim.  I love wearing my skirt thing on hot summer days under a tunic as my skirt thing is cooler and less constricting than both leggings and bike shorts.  It provides instant air conditioning in a sexy frill.  skirt thing has transformed my wardrobe.  My short skirts, dresses and tunics are now very versatile with a variety of options.  They can now be short and slinky with a hint of colour showing from my skirt thing; or elegant and demure just above my knee; or (one of my favs) feminine, athletic and powerful as my skirt thing gives me just the right amount of flounce and/or colour, coupled with the confidence that I no longer need to be concerned about the wind lifting up my skirt on my hikes!  From the dance floor to the mountains, I love wearing my skirt thing!

Sonia Handziuk
Etobicoke, Ontario


I bought my first and only one of the skirts years ago at Winners in Calgary, Alberta and it is by far the best skirt I've ever purchased. I am sorry to hear that they are not currently being manufactured, but I would be interested in an option to purchase one should they become available again. 
Rachel Chalmers
Calgary, Alberta

I look for good quality clothing with classic lines and skirt thing does not disappoint.  Beautiful skirts with compression that gives any woman’s figure a wonderful shape and great confidence.  skirt thing was designed to be worn as an extension lengthening garment but I loved its quality and overall look and I found I could wear them on their own as a regular skirt!  No layering required when you have compression and style in one garment.  I bought 5 styles and rotated skirt thing into my weekly wardrobe.  I definitely recommend adding skirt thing to your wardrobe as you’ll be wearing them from one season into the next.  I would also look forward to other similar ‘extension’ garments in tops and pants etcetera!

Jagoda Malawski
Toronto, Ontario

skirt thing

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a dress extension
or sometimes a little dress!

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skirt thing

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